The main drivers:

  • Raise your children in an appropriate way
  • Use the mature technology that is already a couple of years available (videoconferencing, cloud working, etc… )
  • Create work, stimulate the local economy
  • Improve your productivity in a healthy manner
  • Align yourself with the economic reality in which we should lead and not follow. We are NOT anymore the production factory post war, we are mainly delivering services. This type of economy gives us more flexibility but requires more availability.


An insulated 12 m2 home office that has been completely developed based on comfort, low-energy and integration within your garden. To achieve this we made a 365 days simulation based upon several possible orientations (North, South, East, West). This way it becomes a fantastic inspiring space all year around.

This sustainable piece of architecture is built to be portable. Therefore a special construction is used so that it easily can be reassembled. This also gives us the opportunity to build it within the back of your garden without requiring a wide entrance towards the garden.

For the outdoor cladding we use wood with a durability class 1 so that no maintenance is required and it perfectly fits within the garden.

A casco wecube starts at the price of 14500 euro excl VAT.

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To order your home office (or request some info) you just need to press our contact button at the top of the website.

If you are a company and you are interested to create a flexible creative workforce we would set up a meeting in which you define your exact goals (buy, rent, etc…). Once this is defined we can follow your standard work procedures to make the installation work for your employees.

If you decide to buy one as a private person than it would be very helpful to know your home address so that we can do some preparatory work before we visit you.

Now everything is set to install the Wecube.